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voice over rates
voice over rates

Determine Voice Acting rates with just a few clicks.

"How do I properly and fairly rate myself as a Voice Actor?" 

-- A common question we all ask, not just from my own experience so far, but also from the experience of my fellow Voice Actors and clients.

Thankfully VocAlliance has banded together with the top Production Houses and Studios in the Philippines to create a standard rate guide in a 9-page PDF document. And although it did help solve the concern and was a great move to standardizing rates, to no fault of their own, it still wasn't as user-friendly as we'd liked it to be for both talents and clients. The rates are just that naturally complex because of all the nuances there are in each project. The rates are based on more than just speaking into a microphone - It includes the length and complexity of the script, usage of the material and reach, as well as equipment, training, utilities, etc. 

And so I thought, if I'm having a hard time figuring out my rates, other Voice Actors and clients must be feeling the same way. So to make things easier for everyone, I pitched the online rate calculator to my mentors, Robi Joseph of VocAlliance & Dave Soltura of Voice Actors at Home PH, who happily allowed me to help create this rate calculator with them. 

Thank you so much for trusting me with this project, Robi & Dave! 

Click here to access the rate calculator!

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